WELDMAR Hospicecare's day services resumed this week.

The service has been suspended since the start of lockdown restrictions in March, but the charity has come up with revised arrangements which will see several patients able to return.

All day services will take place at Trimar House in Weymouth on Mondays and Tuesdays. Separate groups will attend sessions in the morning and afternoon.

The majority of Trimar House staff are still working from home, which allows day service patients to spread out safely across the building.

Weldmar will also be using Trimar House for its family services. Reintroducing face-to-face bereavement and counselling meetings, which have been taking place through phone calls and video conferencing over the past three months.

Weldmar provides day services for those approaching the end of their life or have complex care needs. They provide people with activities, including arts and games, food and drinks and some sessions even include hair and beauty treatments.

Jenny Wood, day services lead at Weldmar Hospicecare, said: "We’ve been keeping in touch with all our Day Services patients with weekly calls, but we are so excited to see them face to face. We are so lucky to build such lovely relationships with our patients. We have really missed them.

"The past three months have been very challenging for those self-isolating. For those patients who may have already felt lonely and socially isolated, it’s been really tough. To be able to come back together again, albeit with a slightly different set up, allows us to help our patients feel connected to one another again, and will provide that much missed interaction. We can’t wait!"

Prior to lockdown, Weldmar also ran day services in community hospitals in Shaftesbury, Bridport, and Blandford, as well as the charity’s own Inpatient Unit in Dorchester. These facilities are not able to accommodate day services yet due to their safety measures.

Weldmar’s funding has taken a severe hit over the lockdown period and the charity is asking supporters to stand by them to help them stay resilient.

To donate visit www.weld-hospice.org.uk.