FILM lovers will not be able to watch the latest cinematic releases in Bridport yet, but they could travel to a silver screen in Dorchester.

Boris Johnson announced cinemas could reopen on July 4, but some theatres in west Dorset, which show films, are not reopening.

Dee Fenton, operations manager at Bridport Arts Centre, said: "Because we are a theatre, even though we have a cinema, the new regulations do not apply to us so we will not be reopening.

"We have to wait until we have the guidelines to reopen. We are doing everything we can behind the scenes, we have everything we need in terms of hand sanitiser and we have a plan of action in place for when we can reopen.

"We want to make sure people can enjoy being social together again and having a lovely time, that's what the arts are all about.

"I know the venues around the area are all doing the same. As much as I would like to say what the plan is it's quite movable and depends on advice at the time.

"We are a theatre first and foremost and that is where we are at. On the flip side this gives us more time to prepare."

The Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis is in a similar situation and doesn't have a date for reopening yet as most of its entertainment is live, which is not yet allowed.

However, the team at the Electric Palace in South Street welcomed the news that cinemas could open from this Saturday.

A spokesman said on social media: "We are delighted that cinemas can reopen soon and we are working closely with our distributors to book films and screenings.

"As soon as we have more news we will update our website, email our customers and make announcements on social media.

"When tickets go on sale we will be encouraging advanced bookings. They will be sold from a socially distanced, allocated seating plan.

"The Electric Palace team are all looking forward to reopening & welcoming our customers & friends back soon."

The next closest destination for movie buffs is Dorchester, where The plaza will be reopening on July 10.

Alan Escott, general manager of the Plaza Cinema in Dorchester, said the news hasn't come too soon: "At the moment our plan is to schedule to open for July 10.

"We have been working hard while the cinema has been closed to make sure we can open safely. We have measures in place, we are reducing our food range and we have screens around the counters.

"We are still looking at various options around social distancing, we will be temperature checking our staff when they come into work and our customers. There will be hand sanitiser and wash stations and a one way system around the cinema.

"We have been waiting for this and working towards that date but it will be finally great to be back.

"It's going to be nice to see our regular customers back, I have been going in and out of the cinema and speaking to customers I have seen on the street but it's nice to get back serving."

ODEON in Brewery Square is set to reopen on July 16 with robust measures in place.