It is about time that common sense prevailed regarding historical statues.

The longer this protest is allowed to continue the more damage will be done to our society, and I would like to know who is paying for the statue removals if authorities are going to desecrate our country, while they look into the history of the figures on display.

I am willing to bet that the majority of the demonstrators and those in authority have done something, that, with hindsight, they have or will regret. They should remember that the places we all live in now would not be there had people not made human mistakes. It is because of the realisation of those mistakes that wealth was put into society to help prevent such happenings occurring again.

Unfortunately the protesters are like most of the human race, they don’t learn from history.

Destroying history does not remove the past, it only entrenches hatred and the unwillingness to forgive. It is strange how many of those protesting were wearing clothes and footwear that were produced in sweat shops from around the world, yet I don’t remember anything being said about that!

The West’s history is being scrutinised, yet in my lifetime the atrocities that have been carried out in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, plus the rest, have gone on unabated, yet the protests and news coverage are almost non existent.

So I ask. What are the statue protests really about? Maybe you, the press, could use your digging powers to find out, so that the real issues can be faced by all.

Please don’t say it is racism from one side, because we all know racism is promoted from all sides, including within races against themselves.