Landlords are bringing a bit of America to west Dorset to provide some entertainment to residents.

Tom and Georgia, landlords of The Shave Cross Inn, are introducing drive-in movie nights at the country pub from next week.

Tom, originally from Lyme Regis, has always had a passion for movies. He said: “I was living in America for four years and came across them [drive-in movies] in LA and they are fantastic - just unbelievable.

“We won’t be able to imitate quite that, we will have a 10-car maximum, but I am looking at stacking the projector because if you elevate it you can have staggered cars, a row of 10 and another row of 10.”

The first one will be Jurassic Park on July 9. Others include The Lion King, Shaun of the Dead, Labyrinth, Despicable Me, The Sixth Sense, Finding Nemo, Airplane, Interview with a Vampire and much more.

Tom added: “I think Jurassic Park is perfect in this setting. I was introduced to Jurassic Park in the cinema in Lyme Regis.

“At the moment we are just going to be open four days a week, three of those will be movie nights and each evening has a dedicated food. Thursdays is fish and chips and a classic movie, Friday is our kid’s movie and pizza, Saturday is a modern movie with burgers and Sunday we are doing a roast. We will still be doing takeaway.”

They have film nights until the end of September and will probably stop the drive-in movies in October, but if they are still to be popular, they will continue them.

For those who don’t want to watch a movie, the pub’s large garden will be available for people to enjoy food and a drink. Customers will not be able to go into the pub as it is too small, and Tom and Georgia say they will be enforcing a two-metre distance rather than one for their safety and the safety of customers.

The pair only took over The Shave Cross Inn in January and are looking forward to welcoming back and meeting more of the community.

A number of local residents came out to meet the new owners when they first took it over and the pair have been doing takeaway food throughout the pandemic.

Tom added: “The community has been amazing; we get notes and cards and we have been doing takeaways.

“One thing we did at Easter time was bought 100 Easter eggs and dropped them to houses around the area. I had messages from people I hadn’t met yet saying they can’t wait to come and meet us.”

For a full list of films and how to book, search for The Shave Cross Inn on Facebook.