A DRIVER was caught speeding at 119mph on the A35.

He was stopped by the Dorset Police No Excuse Team which has been confronted with a spate of drivers travelling at excessive speeds in the past few days.

A spokesman for the team said: "On the A35 dual carriageway, over a short period, another six reckless drivers were stopped for speeding with one being recorded at 119mph.

"All the drivers stated they were in a hurry to get home. 

"These included a Ford Transit, restricted to 60mph, recorded at 94 mph. The driver, as well as rushing home, stated: 'I wanted to take it for a good run and blow out?'

"Another car was recorded at 98mph and sorry to say another BMW was recorded at 119 MPH.

"We are always shocked by this selfish, reckless and dangerous driving.

"You know when you are driving dangerously especially at speed. Why do people risk it?

"These three will all have court dates soon. The others were all issued fixed penalties as they were recorded in the 88mph and 93mph range.

"Speed kills it's a fact, we wish people would slow down."

*In the accompanying picture the - symbol in front of the speed indicates the vehicle was travelling away from the officer, with a + symbol meaning towards the officer.