An unsafe boundary wall at the village primary school in Burton Bradstock is to be demolished and rebuilt.

The retaining wall adjoins part of the River Bride, a section which was diverted in the past to serve local mills.

Part of the wall has been eroded by the water and now has a visible lean in the north eastern corner with severe cracking. The wall helps retain part of the playground which is at a higher level within the school site.

A report says that there is no imminent danger but if nothing is done the wall could eventually collapse and fall into the river.

Dorset Council is being asked to approve the demolition of the wall with its replacement using a hidden concrete retaining structure which will then be clad in stonework to look like the original. Part of the project may also involve the replacement of existing metal railings and decaying timber support posts which connect the listed Clapper Bridge to the school wall.

The whole site lies within the village conservation area.