As businesses begin to reopen, councils are doing their bit to help people stay safe when out and about.

Non-essential shops have reopened in Bridport, fish and chip kiosks are serving food and now pubs, hairdressers, attractions and restaurants can soon open their doors again so a number of measures have been put in place to help with social distancing.

Handy markings have been painted on the ground outside shops to help people keep two metres from others while queuing and the town council has also erected banners promoting the town’s local businesses. Market stalls in the town on Wednesday and Saturday are put up two metres apart, with some in laybys and roads to keep the pavements clear for shoppers.

In West Bay, the junction of George Street onto West Bay Road being closed to vehicles, creating a larger area for people near the kiosks and the bus stop by the George Hotel being moved to the layby outside The Salt House. There is a two-way system now in place by the welcome hub and motorcycle parking.

Town surveyor Daryl Chambers said: “This is to support the market but also regenerate the town centre and lift the town, albeit in a safe distancing way.

“They obviously work as we have seen people already using them, it’s a gentle push to give people an idea. In some areas we have pinch points and people have got to be sensible.

“We need people to be sensible and follow the guidance.”

Bridport Town Council is continuing to work with Dorset Council to implement even more measures that could be put in the town.

Mr Chambers added: “They are just the start and we will look at things as we go along and as things change, we will change.

“The main things is people themselves are sensible, it doesn’t matter what measures we put in place, people have got to use their common sense.”

Dorset Council is also planning to open public toilets which will have full hand-washing facilities available. Some will remain closed while changes are made to make sure they are safe for public use.

The toilets on East Beach in West Bay are currently open from 9am to 5pm.