A number of speeding motorists were stopped, fined or reported to court on Sunday afternoon.

Dorset Police No Excuse Team were on the coast road by Abbotsbury Hill where they dealt with seven cars and three motorbikes for speeding. Eight of these were issued fixed penalty notices (FPN) - £100 fine and three points - for exceeding the 50mph limit. A mechanic and a social worker were reported to court as they were recorded above the limit for a FPN.

An Audi A6 was recorded doing 81mph, a VW Golf 76mph, a BMW and Yamaha 998 R1 at 71mph, a BMW 1200 was doing 68mph, a BMW 330 and BMW 330D at 67mph, a Honda Civic and KTM 300 at 65mph and a Hyundai at 64mph.

A spokesman said: "Numerous other vehicles were checked and again we thank those driving sensibly."

The team were also on the A35 dual carriageway where two other cars were also dealt with for speeding - a Vauxhall Insignia at 90mph and a Nissan Qashqai at 87mph and inconsiderate driving.

The spokesman added: "All drivers apart from the Honda Civic driver were apologetic. We hope they are all good to their word and slow down.

"The driver of the Civic however was rude and stated he would contest the FPN in court. He also stated, 'the laser could have been pointed at any vehicle', even though there was only two vehicles in sight at the time and he was overtaking the other one. He also stated several times, 'you should do something better with your time'. We stressed our role is important, however, he wouldn't listen so we handed him the ticket and he left.

"When we recorded the R1 speeding, his girlfriend was holding on tightly as a pillion passenger and his excuse was, 'I don't look at the speedo so I don't know what speed I was doing. I just concentrate on the road, I've been racing all my life and I would never have an accident or hurt anyone including my girlfriend'. He might be an experienced biker but none of us can predict what is around every corner, especially when speed is involved.

"We are not sure why he has that mind set, we offered him words of advice and we hope he will now slow down and look at the speedometer. The Audi A6 driver was travelling back to Exeter with his brother, partner and six-month-old baby in the car. He asked us to send him on an educational course, as it was the first time he had been caught speeding. Sorry, at 81mph a judge will decide the outcome. He then stated he needed to drive for work so we replied then please slow down and don't take unnecessary risks.

"No Excuse. Stay safe."