The article on your front page (May 14) is so typical of those who have Location, Location, Location wanting others even if sensible sharing their kingdom.

The picture accompanying the article shows a tent that has been carefully placed so that social distancing is not compromised. It might have been interesting to see why the campers decided to camp; maybe it was because the lockdown was having a detrimental effect on their child or children.

So far the lack of common sense being used during this unbearable lockdown is staggering.

It would not surprise me if those who were angry, complain about holidaymakers in normal times; before always complaining find out the facts first.

I don’t hear many complaints being forwarded about the growing drug and alcohol problems, which the police should be dealing with. Cycling on footpaths in most of the towns and villages is growing unabated; putting the lives of many, particularly the elderly, in jeopardy.

Go live where you cannot escape from the lockdown and see what your response would be.