An artist’s simple art projects to keep children creative and occupied has had a massive response.

Darrell Wakelam, from Lyme Regis, started posting projects on social media, which have reached people around the world with nearly 5,000 people now following him.

He said: “Normally I would be up to my eyes doing art workshops in schools, museums and theatres, but obviously that all stopped a couple of months ago when lockdown began.

“I figured early on that there would be lots of parents looking for creative ideas online to keep their children occupied and also many teachers searching for art projects using limited materials that would be suitable for them to send out to their pupils for home learning.”

He has been posting them to Twitter with the hashtag #ArtJumpstart. They are fairly simple ideas just using tape, scissors and basic recycling materials that would be at home. The format for each project was two images, one showing more detailed photos and one giving step by step instructions.

Darrell had been adding them for nearly to months and recently posted his 50th and final project.

He added: “To say that they have been successful would be an understatement. I never imagined the response I have had.

“My Twitter now has nearly 5,000 followers, I have had images of children’s work sent back from homes across the world, teachers have sent photos of key workers’ kids still in school spending whole days on just these projects alone and I have had messages of thanks and support from hundreds of people I have never met.

“This experience has been so positive and uplifting that it has spurred me on to begin another online art project in the coming weeks.”

To keep up to date with Darrell’s art projects, follow him on Twitter @DarrellWakelam