Residents came together to celebrate VE Day in style - socially distancing of course.

Those living at the Almshouse flats came together to enjoy tea, cake and wine.

Resident Roz Copson said: “To commemorate VE Day during these extraordinary times with the coronavirus, most of us in the photograph remember some of what went on.

“Those of us who don’t remember however, appreciate what was done and because of what was done and because of that we live the lives we all do in this quirky but caring town.

“The trustees of Bridport Charities who run the Almshouse flats in South Street invited all the residents to join them in the garden for tea and cakes. We also thanked those who gave their lives for us with a bit of cakes, hot drinks and prosecco supplied by one of the residents.

“We were all socially distanced and we still managed to put on a determined front.

“Well done to all of you in Bridport who have also gone to extraordinary lengths to fundraise and help those around you in any way you can.

“The residents of Bridport appreciated the sight of patriotic bunting to the memory of VE Day.”