Two vehicles from outside of Dorset were seized on the county's roads for having no insurance.

Dorset Police's No Excuse road safety team was patrolling the A35 between Bere Regis and Bridport on Friday when the vehicles were spotted.

An Iveco Daily car transporter from Gosport, trying to complete a 530 mile round trip to deliver cars and a Ford Fiesta from Paignton doing a 220 mile round trip to drop someone off as a favour. Both still had approximately 70 miles of their journeys left and both had to ask friends to collect them.

A spokesman for the team said: "The transporter was delivering cars from Gosport to Birmingham to Plymouth then back to Gosport. He came to our attention dangerously overtaking two cars on the single carriageway by Dorchester, doing 80. Then before we could safely stop him by Tolpuddle he sped up to 90 on the dual carriageway. The driver has a history of road traffic offences, including no insurance.

"He stated he'd had a long day and just wanted to get home as he was tired. He tried (many times) over 40 minutes to persuade us he had insurance.

"He was left at Bere Regis Shell garage waiting for his mate from Gosport. He was reported to court.

"The Ford Fiesta was seized for no insurance and tax next to the Esso garage in Winterbourne Abbas.

"The Fiesta driver stated she'd tried all day but her battery had died on her phone and she couldn't get insurance. Stating, "I know I'm not covered and I drove anyway, I know I've been stupid!"

"She'd already travelled from Paignton Devon to Ringwood and was on her way back. She was left at the Esso garage waiting for her friend from Paignton to collect her."

As well as these two incidents, the team stopped a caretaker from Weymouth and a Royal Navy submariner from Plymouth for speeding.

A purple BMW was also stopped as the driver forgot to put the registration plates back onto his vehicle.

An uninsured Mercedes was also seized after parking on zig-zags in Broadstone. A No Excuse team spokesman added: "Whilst waiting for the recovery of this one our ANPR system alerted us to a Citreon. This one had out off date documents since 2018.

"We seized these two and then a 17-year-old riding his first motorbike was witnessed doing 60mph on Dunyeats Road Broadstone. We had a long chat with him and his dad, who was close by. They had an interesting chat after they watched our cars CCTV. We believe he will now slow down, especially after he's dealt with for this.

"We also then dealt with a 50-year-old male riding his moped on the pavement and through a pedestrian gate on the Ridgeway Broadstone. He then went down the path along the grounds of Broadstone cricket pitch."