I was somewhat confused to read the letter from W G Powrie - Peaceful Road - (Bridport News April 30).

Mr/Mrs Powrie mentioned enjoying ’peace and tranquillity’ without the motorcycle visitors to West Bay and questioned why the town council encouraged motorcyclists.

I hate to break it to Mr/Mrs Powrie, but peace and tranquillity is not really what West Bay and Bridport are about.

Up until the lockdown, this has been a lively and thriving area visited by thousands of tourists each year and has numerous social events on the calendar attracting people from around the UK and beyond.

Motorcyclists represent a small part of the daily traffic and are well behaved, mostly mature, responsible people.

Hopefully life will get back to its normal bustle very soon.

If there are seen to be a large gathering of motorcyclists on any one day, then it is most likely one of the many charitable events organised by local motorcycle groups.

As well as supporting charitable causes, the presence of motorcycles seems to be a point of great interest for many tourists who chat whilst they and the motorcyclists buy from the kiosks.

I should also mention that those who are now voluntarily delivering food and medicines to the vulnerable include quite a few local motorcyclists.

I for one would not be living here if Bridport and West Bay were considered ‘peaceful and tranquil’.

Give me fun, lively and sociable any day.