A fundraiser is continuing to support families in Kenya after the country ‘stole her heart’.

Daisy Russell, from Beaminster, went to Kenya from February 4 to March 5 and worked in the Kibera slums with charity Boo, which helps disadvantage African children with projects that include the provision of food, shelter, healthcare, education, life skills and emotional support.

Daisy said: “Things are changing quickly with Kenya being in lockdown. At the moment me and the team are organising food parcels to the slums and the children. It has broken my heart they are starving out there. It is only £4 to feed a child for a month, a family for £20 for a whole month. This includes sanitary items.

“I am meant to be returning in a few weeks but due to the current circumstances, it’s unlikely to go ahead.

“Kenya has stolen my heart and I can’t stop visualising their faces and how happy they were when I gave them the food at lunchtime, now they can’t go in the school to eat because the schools are all closed. It is down to Boo to continue our work, to deliver this food so these children will survive through these difficult times.

To find out more about Boo and how to help, visit boo-charity.org.uk