A message of support to NHS workers will be projected on to Dorset County Hospital this evening in a moving tribute.

Gavin Borthwick, 45, has his own projection business called Light FX UK. He has found himself out of work because of outdoor events and weddings being cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, so has decided to use his technology to thank NHS workers across the country.

Mr Borthwick uses projection mapping, which he calls 'a blend between science and art' to paint pictures with light pixels using a projector.

Tonight he will project a message of thanks to the heroes of the NHS against the backdrop of Dorset County Hospital. He will also create another image to encourage people to stay at home and adhere to government advice.

He said: "It's a one off thing, it's a way of showing support for the NHS in these really difficult times and to communicate a message to say 'stay at home' as well, that's the aim of it really.

"I have seen a lot of colleagues of mine with projection businesses do similar things across the country so I thought it would be a really decent idea.

"It's going to be a moving graphic for both slides. The first one is a reveal of the 'NHS heroes' message and the second slide is going to be a moving graphic of the message 'We stay here for you, please stay home for us'. This will have a rainbow going across it because I know a lot of children are putting rainbows in their windows to to support people staying indoors.

"They [NHS staff] are doing an unbelievable job so I just wanted to send out a message of thanks for their hard work and dedication in the efforts they are making to keep us safe."

A spokesperson for Dorset County Hospital said: “We were really grateful for Gavin’s kind offer to help us spread the message about the importance of following the national guidance to stay home in a very striking and eye catching way.”

The message will be projected onto the Bridport Road side of Dorset County Hospital between 8.30pm and 10pm tonight.

People are asked not to gather to watch. 

The Bridport News will feature pictures of the event for everyone to see.