The mayor of Bridport is saying a big ‘thank you’ to all those helping the elderly and vulnerable and reminding people to stay safe.

Cllr Barry Irvine is showing his appreciation to the many volunteers and community groups that have been set up to help with picking up medication and shopping, as well as reminding residents that the town council is here to help.

He said: “At this critical time for our community, as mayor of Bridport I am writing to thank all the individuals, groups and organisations who are helping those who are vulnerable or isolated and need support.

“Bridport Town Council has compiled a list of the help and support available and has set up a helpline - 01308 808900.

“Volunteers hope to deliver a leaflet with information to as many homes as possible this week.

“All of us need to remember the advice to stay safe, continue with hand washing, social distancing and self-isolation.

“I also want to thank the many local businesses who are providing delivery services for essential foods.

“Also, of course, a special big thank you to all who work in our hospitals, healthcare, pharmacies and care homes. We really appreciate your hard work and dedication.”

The town council's list of help and support available can be found at