In this time of uncertainty with people isolating and the UK on lockdown, members of the community have been doing things to spread a little cheer.

Every day at 1pm, residents of Bothenhampton come out on to the street and wave at their neighbours, an idea started by Angie Coster.

She said: “It is going to get even more important as time goes on.

“I was talking to some neighbours about the over 70s having to stay indoors and my neighbour said they would be behind a door for three months and got quite depressed. So, I thought, we have to get everyone out of their homes, even for just a few minutes. I suggested everyone join in with the Bothenhampton wave.”

Residents will also be taking part in the ‘Clap for our Carers’ this evening at 8pm when everyone is encouraged to take part in a big round of applause front doors, gardens, balconies and windows.

Seven-year-old Sivatia has drawn and delivered a rainbow to 39 bungalows on the street where she lives so residents can put them in their windows. She wanted to make her neighbours smile and happy.

Many neighbours have thanked her for making them smile.

Sheila Richards has been chalking messages and pictures on the streets of Bridport to add a bit of cheer in these difficult times.

She said: “I just try to write things that lift people’s spirits. I have lived in Bridport for 16 years now and I love it. I love the friendly heart of this little town by the sea.”

The Chapel in the Garden are encouraging businesses and residents to put candles in their windows.

Elizabeth Harley, lay leader at the Chapel in the Garden, said: “A friend thought that Bridport was doing this and contacted me to see but we think it was originally a Bridport in the US. I thought it is definitely the kind of thing Bridport would do so I made a poster and told a few people and posted it online last Friday.

“Friday evening, South Street had candles in the windows, especially Soulshine’s window, with messages of support too. I think there are a growing number of people doing it each evening.”

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