By now everyone should be starkly aware of what they must do to help in the fight against the coronavirus that is blighting our lives in so many ways.

However, these are sacrifices that we simply must make. It is not being overly dramatic to say it is a matter of life or needless death.

But for all we must not do there are numerous things we can do.

It is a tough ask to expect people to contribute money to any appeal right now. Many have lost their jobs, many more are fearful of losing theirs and people are struggling to pay their bills.

However, we humbly ask anyone who can afford even the smallest amount to contribute to the appeal highlighted on our front page today to support the NHS staff working tirelessly over long shifts.

They do not have the option of staying home and staying safe.

Each day they put themselves in harm’s way for the benefit of each one of us and our loved ones.

As our story says it is everyone from domestics to doctors, nurses to porters at Dorset County Hospital who are doing all they can to care for those most at risk

Their raison d’etre is caring. Now it is our turn to care for them

There are other things we can do to help. During these unprecedented times, huge numbers of people have risen to the challenge of supporting their communities.

Anyone who would like to volunteer to help can fill out a form on our website

Most importantly look after each other.

Stay home, stay sensible and stay safe.

Diarmuid MacDonagh