I would like to add my support to the views of Clare Mahaddie, regarding the unsuitability of the National Trust Golden Cap Estate for this festival.

The Estate is renowned for primarily comprising grazing pastures for sheep and cattle alongside woodland. The open space is home to many wild flowers, animals and insects. Footpaths and tracks provide the major access routes for the human visitors, hardly able to used by visiting traffic not connected to the farming community and the other tucked away houses.

Mountain biking ,without a mountain, axe throwing,drink and live music, 1000 visitors and their cars,with through traffic are all such things that, BY THEIR ABSENCE make this estate the great peaceful place that it is.

To provide vehicular service to the festival site a one and a quarter mile long one -way traffic system is necessary due to the narrow lanes in the area, with few opportunities for passing vehicles. Some residents living in this area have their properties and only access from the stone surfaced cart tracks that would be used for the exit route designated for the 1000 visitors. The exit plan is to route all vehicles to travel westwards on the A35 for 2 miles to Charmouth, where it is suggested those requiring to travel eastwards will make a U-turn to complete their journey, just underlines the unsuitability of this quiet restricted pastoral area for such a festival.

I hope that the serious restriction on traffic on this site does not pose a serious threat to life for residents or visitors should there be an emergency.

Local farmers have made it clear to me that grazing land cannot be used for car parking because of the risk of poisoning their animals with the oil-based discharge from vehicles.

David Bellamy waxed lyrical about the rare wild flowers on this estate when objecting to the plan for a by-pass for the A35.

The Site of Special Scientific Interest should be enough to protect this area against inappropriate uses. The National Trust owns the land in trust for the nation and this land should be used for the purposes stated above maintaining the quietly used open spaces, pastures and woodland. The Trust hold other suitable land for the macho activities that would certainly follow such a festival.

S P Green