I WRITE on the issue of the National Trust festival at Golden Cap.

This is such a glaring example of how behind the times the NT has become.

When our government and council have both declared a climate and ecological emergency that the NT plan to go ahead on a site that is so ecologically sensitive and has no provision for public transport.

As well as the other issues around damage to an ecologically sensitive area, road safety and disturbance to residents.

Its appalling that the NT has clearly not done its homework other than looking at the potential revenue it may earn.

It was also rude and disrespectful not to consult the local community first and foremost about whether they even want such an event rather than telling them after the decision has been made.

What is the carbon and ecological footprint of using external caterers and event providers- rather than supporting our local food economy?

What is the impact of having thousands of people driving down to a bottlenecked farm on the coast and how will the local community be compensated for the damage and disruption?

None of these the NT have answered or wanted to answer.

I for one will no longer be renewing my NT membership and urge all other members not to renew and to tell the NT that they need to do their homework first and realise that this is not only a dangerous venue from a safety point of view but also has no place in dealing with the very challenges the NT purports to address.

Kit Vaughan

Prime Coppice

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