The group leading the project for an indoor skate park at the bus station wants to ‘set the record straight’ and clear up some confusion.

Plans for a new skate park at Gore Cross Business Park, under the name of 2020 Skate and Ride, were announced by Rob Ridge and Dominic Brown last month and it is hoped it will open this year.

However, plans for the Trick Factory skate park at Bridport bus station are still going ahead.

The original Trick Factory closed at St Michael’s Trading Estate in in May 2016 after 17 years of voluntary work by Rob Ridge and others.

Inspired by Rob’s work, a number of families and individual young people started a campaign to create a new Trick Factory. The support gained momentum from Bridport Town Council and the rotary Club of Bridport, and Arthur Woodgate, of Bridport Young Persons Action Trust, was asked to be chairman of a new steering group.

As it became clear that the bus station redevelopment was going to be a lengthy process, the search went on to find an alternative option, but without success.

Arthur Woodgate said: “The news that Rob and Dom have now succeeded has been enthusiastically welcomed.

“The Trick Factory is some way off yet. Something is needed now and has been for a long time. The 2020 project should be applauded and supported.”

The Trick Factory steering group has agreed to donate £250 from their own fundraising campaign, now temporarily suspended, once 2020’s lease has been finalised.

Arthur added: “Inevitably, some are asking whether the Trick Factory itself is now needed. I put this exact same question to the young people and families on our steering - the answer was a resounding ‘yes’.”

The Trick Factory will be created in a purpose-designed building and will be part of a provision for young people that will include a café and, in partnership with Jurassic Fields Music Project, an arts rehearsal studio and cultural hub for all performance art.

The group has also partnered with the Rights Respecting Bridport initiative to make it a place where young people facing issues in their lives can find information, advice and support.

Arthur said: “We look forward to working with others, including Rob Ridge, towards creating something very special for the young people of Bridport.”