A village hall is at risk of closure if no volunteers step forward to support it.

Bradpole Parish Council is calling on members of the community to become trustees to ensure the running of the hall and its future in the village.

Bradpole Village Hall, also known as The Forster Memorial Institute, has been used for a range of activities since it opened in 1890 and has been held in a trust for the benefit of residents.

A number of trustees stood down for various reasons, leaving only two members on the committee, which is not enough to run the hall.

The parish council said that The Charity Commission has advised that if sufficient managing trustees cannot be found, then hall closure must be considered.

A meeting was called earlier this month to discuss the future of the hall, but this coincided with Storm Dennis and only an insufficient number of people were able to attend.

Sandy Goldsmith, Bradpole parish clerk, said: “Although the parish council neither owns nor runs the hall, councillors felt they needed to step in and kept things running as best they can for the immediate future.

“The hall is very well used, but members of the community do need to step in and help run the hall if it is to remain open.

“The parish council is in the process of meeting with advisors and speaking to The Charity Commission, but it will take time to find an answer.”

It is likely that a crisis meeting will be held in the near future for residents. Details will be posted on social media and local notice boards.

For more information, visit bradpole.org.uk