Tickets for pre-release showings of the highly anticipated film Lawrence: After Arabia are now being sold online.

There will be a showing and Q and A with the film’s director Mark JT Griffin on Friday, May 1 at Bridport Electric Palace and Sunday, May 3 at the Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis.

Tickets are being sold for the Bridport showing on the venue’s website, meanwhile, tickets for the Lyme Regis showing can be bought on the See Tickets website.

The Bridport date will mark the first screening of the movie in cinemas.

Lawrence: After Arabia has already won a number of awards at film festivals around the world, including Best Feature at the Florence Film Awards and Honourable Mention: Narrative Feature at the Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFAs).

The film is also trending at Number 1 in IMDB’s list of low budget UK drama movies released in 2020.

Lawrence: After Arabia was shot on location in Dorset and focuses on the events that led up to Lawrence of Arabia’s death following a motorcycle accident near Bovington Camp on May 13 1935.

TE Lawrence, famous for his Great War exploits in the Middle East, succumbed to head injuries suffered in the motorcycle accident six days later.

Lawrence: After Arabia stars Brian Cox, Hugh Fraser, Michael Maloney, Nicole Ansari Cox and Tom Barber Duffy in the lead role.

The film will be shown at Bridport Electric Palace on Friday, May 1 at 7.30pm and at the Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis on Sunday, May 3 at 7.30pm.