A campaign highlighting the relationship between the fashion industry and climate change has officially launched in the town.

The Bridport Fashion Revolution kick started with talks on the fashion industry, climate change, sustainable fashion and New Look.

The campaign has been launched by Transition Town Bridport to encourage residents to rethink, reuse and recycle what they wear.

A packed town hall heard from Bridport resident Gloria Davies-Coates, of Global Fashion Revolution, who said that in this climate emergency, the fashion sector’s contribution to global warming is greater than that of aviation and shipping combined.

Global Fashion Revolution was launched six years ago after 1,135 people were killed in the Rana Plaza clothing factory disaster in Bangladesh.

She also encouraged the audience to ask who makes their clothes, how they were made and essentially who or what was hurt in the making.

Global Fashion Revolution has initiated a transparency index, listing in order those companies best known for ethical and sustainable fashion production. New Look is number 25 in the transparency stakes but is working hard to reach number 10. The second speaker, Sue Fairley, head of sustainability for New Look, explained the task to achieve this.

She said the company’s business model has been based on fast turnover of inexpensive high street clothes and at present, the clothes are designed to withstand just 20 washes.

New Look has 611 factories in 23 countries. Sue said: “Workers’ voices are important to us. Only 40 per cent of the cotton we buy is sustainable, but we are teaching farmers to improve.”

This was followed by a question time and lively discussion, with audience members enquiring if New Look would consider giving up plastic bags completely or providing recycling facilities in its shops.

The next event part of Bridport Fashion Revolution is ‘Love Your Clothes’ at Soulshine Café on March 5 from 7pm when people are invited to bring their favourite garment and share the story of what it means to them. Cocktails and cake will eb available and free tickets can be found at tinyurl.com/ry5plbk

For more information about the campaign and upcoming events, visit transitiontownbridport.co.uk