A significant landslide has happened on the Jurassic Coast in west Dorset – after Storm Dennis battered the county.

A huge pile of rocks has come crashing down on Chesil Beach beneath the huge cliffs just each of Freshwater Holiday Park towards West Bay.

It is understood to be the third rockfall in this area in the past two months – and demonstrates just how fragile the coastline is.

Authorities say the Jurassic Coast looks the way it does because of erosion – meaning it is always on the move.

While rockfalls can take place anytime, the heavy rain and winter weather can heighten the risk.

Storm Dennis lashed the county at the weekend with heavy rain and strong winds - and it followed Storm Ciara which blew in the week before.

The most recent landslide was spotted by photographer Graham Hunt who said it must have happened sometime over the weekend as he was in the area on Friday and didn't see it.

He said a huge pile of rocks had come down and fallen across the beach. At high tide, walkers would have to clamber over the fallen rocks to get past.

The landslide is thought to have happened around the same time a coastal path crumbled at Swanage, as cliffs gave way and formed a mud slip on the beach below.

A Dorset Council spokesman said: "It's stating the obvious, but please keep away from cliffs. There's a high risk of rock falls and land slips. (The) situation is changing rapidly... more cliff falls and land slips likely."