AN OPERA inspired by the plight of displaced persons after the Second World War is coming to Bridport Arts Centre on Saturday, February 22 at 7.30pm.

The Consul, from the Staircase Opera Company, was first performed in 1950 and follows the struggles of asylum seekers and their exhausting efforts to obtain help from the staff at a foreign consulate.

The main protagonists in this Menotti opera are the Sorel family who desperately need assistance to escape tyranny in their own country. John and Magda live with John's mother and their baby son. John's involvement in the fight for freedom attracts the attention of the secret police, putting them all in danger.

In the waiting room of a consulate a rag tag group of applicants wait day after day for their ticket to leave a country in the throes of revolution.

Meet the magician, who performs his tricks in a desperate attempt to jump the queue. Meet Magda, whose husband is on the run from the secret police and whose child grows sicker by the day.

In an immersive production, experience the absurdity and the tragedy as events unfold.

*The Consul, Staircase Opera Company, Bridport Arts Centre, Saturday, February 22, 7.30pm. Call 01308 424204 for tickets.