Since moving to the area 17 years ago, I have had nothing but praise for the courtesy of the local drivers and the patience that they display in coping with the difficult traffic bottlenecks in Bridport.

I am a patient motorist too, but sometimes I see a driver acting with no thought for others at all. How about someone who parks on double yellow lines in a traffic light lane for 15 minutes?

I wonder if the gentleman who parked his black convertible Range Rover in the left hand lane of the traffic lights adjacent to Boots on West Street while his lady passenger went into a shop, would like to apologise to the many drivers that were caught up in the traffic chaos that his selfish action caused.

Once the right-hand lane of those traffic lights contained more than three vehicles waiting for the turning-right filter to go green, the left-hand lane was effectively blocked to any traffic wishing to proceed straight ahead, even when the main light was green. As he was not using his hazard lights, some cars did not realise that he was parked and so were stopping behind him.

I watched as the queue of vehicles grew longer and longer because they were only able to pass through the lights a few at a time.

One driver ‘had words’ with the driver of the parked car and a couple of others gave him a toot of their horns, but to no avail. The driver stayed put.