Permission has been refused to demolish an existing 1950s chalet bungalow and garage at 8 Coneygar Lane, Bridport, and to build two three-bed homes on the site.

The application included a new car and pedestrian access.

Dorset Council planners rejected the outline application saying that while the principle of development on the site was acceptable although the indicative layout and design were not.

A summary report says the proposals would create “significant harm to neighbouring residents’ amenity, and to the character and appearance of the surroundings and street scene within the AONB and the adjoining Conservation Area.”

Concerns had been raised over the design of the two-storey homes which, it was claimed, would appear cramped and out of keeping with the area and could lead to a loss of light and outlook from two neighbouring homes.

Bradpole parish council raised no objection to the application claiming the new homes would only have a limited effect on neighbours, but Bridport Town Council objected saying: “The scale and height of the proposed development will have a significant adverse effect on the amenity of the occupiers of neighbouring properties – restricting light, causing excessive overshadowing, and having an overbearing impact.”

The town council also said it was concerned about a smaller residential property being unnecessarily demolished.

Five neighbours objected to the application, most expressing concerns about the effect on the area and claiming the proposed houses would be out of keeping with the area – a view shared in the Dorset Council planning report: “Officers are not convinced that two dwellings of the design indicated can comfortably be accommodated on site without causing harm to the character of the area.”