People are being encouraged to get talking through a national Chatty Café scheme.

The scheme has launched at Ivy House Kitchen at Groves Nurseries in Bridport.

The Chatty Café scheme asks venues to sign up and designate a ‘chatter and natter’ table where people can sit if they’re happy to talk to each other.

The goal of the scheme is for every café, coffee shop and community venue in the region to have a ‘chatter and natter’ table to create less lonely and chattier communities.

Charlie Groves and Ivy House Kitchen are hoping other businesses will follow suit.

Charlie Groves said: “I’m backing the Chatty Café scheme as I think it’s a fantastic way to help people connect with each other in the bright and friendly atmosphere of Ivy House.

“Our local businesses have a really important role to play in helping create friendly, chatty places and I am sure the scheme will be a huge success at Groves.”

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