A Dorset police officer sexually assaulted a woman in her own home by pushing her against a table and removing her top, a misconduct hearing was told.

Detective Constable Nick Gravenor pursued a sexual relationship with the woman over several months, it is alleged.

He is said to have made lewd remarks to her, before taking his unwanted affections a step further.

The detective turned up at her home unannounced while he was off duty, grabbed hold of her and kissed her, it is alleged.

He is claimed to have then lifted her up on the breakfast table, stripped her to the waist, and groped her.

The incident left the woman, named only as 'M', frightened and fearing she would be raped, it was heard.

On another occasion and while on duty, DC Gravenor took the woman to a tunnel at a Napoleonic fort on Portland and molested her, it is alleged.

The detective for Dorset Police is facing five breaches of the force's code of professional standards.

Charles Apthorp, representing Dorset Police at DC Gravenor's misconduct hearing, said the breaches occurred between March and October 2015.

He said: "The allegations in part are that there was an abuse of trust which enabled the officer to pursue a sexual or emotional relationship with M.

"She disclosed personal matters to him, she had suffered anxiety and other difficulties in her personal life.

"He sought to exploit her vulnerability for his sexual gratification."

Mr Apthorp added: "The first allegation relates to the inappropriate sexual language and discussing matters with her in relation to his own personal relationships.

"On about March 4 he took M to the Verne High Angle Battery on Portland.

"The officer took M into the tunnels - there's no lighting there. He came up behind her and attempted to scare her, but more importantly - he grabbed and touched her inappropriately."

Mr Apthorp continued: "The most serious allegation, you might think, on August 14, was when the officer was off duty.

"He visited M at her flat, he had not been invited, and there he committed a sexual assault on M.

"He entered the flat, hugged her and started kissing her. He picked her up and placed her on the breakfast table - kissing and touching her.

"She felt weak, frightened, and was concerned she was going to be raped.

"It was against her wishes. The contact was unwanted, it was not consented to."

DC Gravenor denies making inappropriate sexual language on duty, inappropriate touching on duty, accessing police information about the woman without a legitimate policing purpose, unwanted sexual advances while off duty and abusing his position to pursue a sexual or emotional relationship.

The hearing at Dorset Police headquarters at Winfrith continues.