Firefighters had ‘no option’ but to mount a kerb to pass through a narrow street. 

Bridport firefighters attended several callouts tonight.

They were sent over the border into Somerset for standby duties in Chard at about 4pm.

As they were about to reach Chard station, they were alerted to alarms sounding at a property in Axminster.

Once at the incident in Axminster, crews carried out an investigation and found it to be a false alarm with good intent.

On their way back to Bridport, they were called to a small fire in the open in Beaminster.

This turned out to be a controlled burn with the owner in attendance and no action was required.

Whilst responding to these callouts, the crew had to mount a kerb to get the fire engine through a narrow street with cars parked on the opposite side.

A spokesman for the fire service said they had 'no option' but mount the kerb to get through.

Advice from the fire service is to:

  • Pull in your wing mirrors (don’t forget to flip them out before driving off)
  • Don’t park too close to corners, fire engines are larger than cars and need more room to turn
  • If you’re parking opposite someone, remember that a fire engine needs three metres, or two car widths, to pass safely
  • Make sure your wheels are straight and not sticking out
  • Park as close to the kerb as you can
  • Always follow the Highway Code and obey the road markings such as yellow lines and box junctions
  • In narrow streets, only park on one side of the road where possible
  • Make sure you leave enough space for pedestrians on the pavement
  • Don’t block driveways

The fire service has the power to do anything it reasonably believes necessary to prevent or extinguish a fire.

Firefighters can, when necessary, enter a premises by force, without the consent of the owner or occupier, or move or break into a vehicle without the consent of its owner.