Help monitor Dorset’s changing coastline by sending in your snaps.

Dorset Council has installed two ‘CoastSnap’ points at West Bay and is asking people walking past to take photos there.

The CoastSnap points feature special smartphone cradles that point in a particular direction. This means images taken there can be used to monitor Dorset’s coastline.

Cllr Ray Bryan, Dorset Council portfolio holder for environment, travel and highways, said: “This is an interesting project which anyone with a smartphone can get involved in.

“We are asking people walking by to take a quick snap, using the special smartphone CoastSnap cradle. I hope there will be some ‘citizen scientists’ out there who will be keen to help monitor Dorset’s ever-changing coastline.”

Dorset Council is working on this project with Plymouth Coastal Observatory, who will use the images to monitor ongoing coastal changes. The phone cradles mean the exact same image will be take each time so they can be used to accurately identify coastal changes.

More than a dozen photos have already been submitted and the points were only installed earlier this month.

Any photos taken at the CoastSnap points will help record the status of beaches. Dorset’s beaches are constantly changing due to tides, weather and erosion.

All photo-senders will remain anonymous. If you send a photo, please note the time and date it was taken.

Photos can be emailed to

For more information, visit