I write to endorse the thanks which was expressed in last week’s lead story ‘Community Saves Christmas’.

There were so many people who contributed to the distribution of Christmas stockings and hampers and, alongside this, the volunteers at the food bank worked particularly hard to ensure that ‘Walk in Wednesday’ happened throughout the festive period.

It is however the small gifts of the many that I wish to highlight.

Total donations to these causes over the Christmas period were in the region of £1,400 and whilst we thank local businesses for their generous support, there were also many, many individuals who came into church to give small donations from their own pockets.

The £5 note in an envelope or the coins pressed into my hand were gifts that, when brought together, made a significant impact on the total that was raised.

It is in the small things that change is effected. May it continue to be so in the coming year.

Churchwarden St Mary’s Church