A woman persevered with a mammoth running challenge to help raise money for a hospital chemotherapy department after her step-sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Alice Buttling, who originally comes from Bridport, set out to run every day for a year to fundraise for Dorset County Hospital's chemo department after her step-sister Becky, who lives in Misterton, received the tragic news that she had terminal cancer.

Throughout 2019, she ran some 1,700 miles in total over her daily runs, and has raised the staggering amount of around £4,000 for the chemo department.

Alice, who currently lives in Bath, said: "I have had a lot of positivity. I have really enjoyed it, although some days it has been really horrible.

"The feedback has been amazing. The amount of money I raised I was not expecting. I have been amazed at the level of support. The charity have been really supportive. My sister is really happy that I have done it."

She said that the weather conditions varied greatly in her runs throughout the year, yet she persevered whether it be sunny, raining, windy or snowing.

Even when suffering with hayfever and other conditions, she kept on going. Often, her dog Newt would also accompany her on the runs.

Alice added: "I have had some beautiful sunrises, because I tend to run in the morning. I have run in Bridport. I have been to Paris, where I ran from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower."

Her final run of the year was in Bridport, during which she was joined by friends and family.

She said: "Having run for 364 days, I thought my last run should be in Bridport. Some friends drove down from Bath. A troupe ran the last run with me."

Alice is anticipating raising a total sum of about £5,000 for the chemo department.

Anyone looking to donate can do so at her Justgiving page: justgiving.com/fundraising/alice-buttling-smith1