MORE than 80 homes are planned for a site off the A37 between Wanchard Lane and Weir View, Charminster.

The development is an extension to the previous Charminster Farm schemes of more than 120 homes.

The new application, from Wyatt Homes, if approved, will cover more than 7.3 hectares of farmland and private allotments with a further phase to follow.

The company is asking for road access to the site from both Wanchard Lane and the A37 and say they will include new allotments, a community orchard and public open spaces as well as enough parking space for almost 200 cars.

A total of 53 homes will be open market - 6 two-bed properties, 19 three-bed, and 28 of four or more bedrooms with 29 ‘affordable’ homes split between rented and shared ownership.

The development brief says that two roads near the site are to be closed to help reduce traffic through the centre of the village – at the junction of Wanchard Lane which adjoins North Street which will become access only to existing homes in Wanchard Lane. The second road closure will be of Sodern Lane to the west of the development site. Both closures were discussed during a public consultation and have the blessing of Dorset Council.

The developers say the changes would reduce the number of vehicles travelling through the village, including lorries which are based at the Dorset Council’s Wanchard Lane depot.

Wyatt Homes say the phase is a logical extension to Charminster, linking with the first and second phase of its Charminster Farm scheme with the designs to reflect existing buildings in the area, including the use of red brick and flint.

The company say that the land immediately to the south of Wanchard Lane would remain open as parkland, allotments and a community orchard with an opportunity for a more formal sports/recreation in this area.

Asking for consent the company say in their summary: “The proposed development would provide a high-quality and sustainable addition to the existing village of Charminster which would provide a range of benefits to both the local area and the wider district.”