Are you an amateur astronomer looking to expand your knowledge of space and the solar system?

The Kingcombe Centre is offering people the chance to learn all about the sky at night in a one day workshop on Friday, March 20.

A spokesman said: "Would you like to learn about the night sky, recognising constellations, understanding the solar system and deep space? This one day workshop for beginners will help you to learn more about the amazing night sky as well as how to use the equipment needed to see what is not visible with the naked eye.

"Using presentations, astronomical models and demonstration you will learn basic effective astronomical observation and observing techniques, object recognition, effective choice and use of observing equipment and observing aids."

There will also be the chance to try an observation session.

In the event that the sky is cloudy, attendees will have the chance to discuss topics such as extra-terrestrial life, the scale of the universe and the potential danger of asteroids.

The session will be led by Stephen Tonkin, a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society who has done amateur astronomy since he was a child.

To book, visit