A 'best ever' amount of more than £3,700 was raised by Santa and his sleigh.

The Brit Valley Rotary Club's annual fundraiser, which includes Santa visiting the towns and villages around Bridport in the lead up to Christmas in December, raised a total of £3,723 through donations.

Lindsey Luxton, president of Brit Valley Rotary Club, said: "This would not have been possible without the generosity of Burton Bradstock Cars, which supplied a superb vehicle to tow the sleigh, Verti Works, which sign wrote it, and the owner of the vehicle who lent it for this purpose. Also, Stags of Bridport, which sponsored the refurbishment and running costs of the sleigh, Bridport Antiques, which let Santa visit on December 21, Bridport Town Council for hosting him on Bucky Doo Square most Saturdays, and Dorset Council licensing department, which was so helpful when routes and dates had to be changed because of the weather.

"In addition, Santa could not visit regularly without the help of Steve and Jackie Norman, who store his sleigh throughout the year.

"Finally, none of this could have been achieved without the support of the people of Bridport and Beaminster and their visitors who gave on their doorsteps and in the town - secure in the knowledge that Brit Valley Rotary Club would utilise the funds for local good causes."