Look after your physical and mental wellbeing at this new six-week course.

Bridport Leisure Centre is committed to offering a wide variety of classes, to ensure that the centre is accessible to all of the community.

The centre's latest course combines weight management with mental wellbeing.

The new weight management and mental wellbeing six-week course includes cardiovascular exercises, strength and conditioning, flexibility, and relaxation techniques to help you manage and increase your health and wellbeing.

Debbie, who will be holding the course, said: “I believe that your mental health can be affected by how you feel about yourself. This could be down to struggling with your weight, or a combination of the side effects of medication for mental health sometimes being weight gain.

“I want to get people feeling good about themselves and improve their self-worth and self-esteem. The aim is to get people exercising in a small group, with others who have similar issues. We can all support each other and share ideas about habit and lifestyle changes”.

The course starts on Wednesday, January 22. Call Bridport Leisure Centre on 01308 427464 for further information.