DECEMBER 9, 1994

The town council wants to demolish the seating shelter at Bridport Borough Gardens, which is not in a good state, because it is the haunt of unruly youngsters and under-age drinkers.

However, resident Marion Simmons said: “The more the gardens are used the less vandalism there will be. But to pull down the summer house would, in itself, be an act of official vandalism.”

A self-help bartering group has been formed in Bridport.

The woman behind the initiative, Mandy Moore, says the group, part of national scheme by Letslink UK, involves members swapping goods, services and skills.

Firemen were called out when a dog was reported trapped in chilly water in River Asker.

The animal, which was shivering up to its neck, was rescued by fireman Robert Wrixon, but it jumped out of his arms and on to the opposite bank after being barked at by another dog.


DECEMBER 5, 1969

Bridport Borough Council is not to be allowed to store caravans during the winter on the West Bay Road car park, totalling about one and a half acres, to reduce congestion caused by the removal of the caravans at the end of the season to Bridport.

The Minister of Housing and Local Government has dismissed the council’s appeals against the decision of Dorset County Council to refuse permission.

Bridport’s youth centre is now officially open.

Performing the opening ceremony, Sir John Colfox said: “It’s up to adults to provide the leadership. This centre provides all the amenities necessary for physical and mental alertness. It’s a very good age in which to be youthful.”

Speculation that Bridport Gundry were laying off 23 employees has been discounted by the factory.

Works manager Mr Lloyd Hix said: “This is wild rumour. I can only think it stems from the fact that three people are going - two pensioners and a youngster who is not suited to the job.