The Allington Hill volunteers and guests were keen to start cutting the turf of the hill’s new wellbeing area.

The group, including Daryl Chambers of Bridport Town Council, Terri Foxwell of Bridport TIC, Phil Lathey of Allington Parish Council and, representing local residents, Keith Alner joined the volunteers to help preparing the site ready for Tom Hitt, also present, of TMH Fencing, to complete the ground works in the new year.

The project includes an all-weather surface, specially designed workbench and seating. It is being funded by Stepping into Nature, Dorset Council S106 funding and Dorset Council Community Impact Fund.

The all-weather surface will mean that those dependent on wheelchairs or mobility scooters will be able to access the green space off Hospital Lane all year round. The access will be level and easy to reach from the main gate, with the aim that any of the local wellbeing groups and schools have easy access.