One of west Dorset’s most eye-catching and beautiful landmarks was illuminated by candlelight to mark a special day.

St Catherine’s Hill, Abbotsbury, shone for miles around to mark St Catherine’s Day.

The event began with a service at St Catherine’s Chapel followed by the lighting of the candles which had been bought and decorated by local business owners and members of the community.

Candles were placed in a circle on St Catherine’s mount as a representation of the Catherine Wheel.

The event, which only started last year, raised £474 which will go to Friends of St Nicholas Church.

Organiser Tina Raymond said of last Sunday's event: “We saw more people this year than last ,which is wonderful. We will definitely be doing it again.”

St Catherine’s Chapel draws its name from Saint Catherine of Alexandria, a young woman whose influence spread far and wide. Born in Egypt in the late third century, she is known for protesting the persecution of Christians under the Roman emperor Maxentius I.

Upon her arrest and subsequent torture, she professed that Jesus Christ was her spouse and it was to him she had consecrated her virginity.

During her imprisonment, Catherine is reported to have met with more than 200 individuals, including the wife of Maxentius, all of whom converted to Christianity and were consequently martyred. She was eventually sentenced to death by means of the breaking wheel.