Take the lead and follow the dog walking etiquette rules.

Dog behaviour and training experts, Company of Animals, are sharing top tips for dog walkers to keep their dog safe and happy on their walk – and to avoid upsetting fellow dog walkers.

  • Respect the lead. For flexibility whilst on walks, use a lead that gives dogs freedom to roam when needed, but leaves you in control
  • Watch out for dogs wearing yellow. The colour yellow has become a signal for dog owners that their dog is nervous or needs space. When out on a walk be aware of dogs wearing yellow collars, harnesses or leads and give those dogs plenty of space
  • Ask before you play. Don’t assume that all dogs want to play. It’s always good dog walking etiquette to ask the dog’s owner if they are ok to play before allowing your dogs to interact
  • Respect everyone. Remember other people using public spaces deserve their own space too, particularly those that are nervous around dogs
  • Use a long line. For dogs with poor recall use a long line lead. This avoids owners needing to constantly call their dog back to them, and prevents dogs going rogue and breaking dog walking etiquette

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