Strong waves and high tides have again washed away part of the beach - less than two weeks after it was repaired.

Part of Lyme Regis beach has been cordoned off to the public, despite Dorset Council engineers carrying out repairs on November 11 and 12.

Sand that had previously been washed away in storms was replaced using two large dump trucks and two excavators.

The ledge has formed in the sand as strong waves and high tides have moved the beach around.

A spokesman for Lyme Regis Town Council said: “Another significant ‘shelf’ has developed on the beach again due to the stormy weather and high tides.

“We have cordoned off the area as it is very unstable and continuously crumbling.

“There are very high tides forecast until Thursday so the area will remain cordoned off until it is safe again.”

Rob Clarke, Dorset Council Engineer, said: “Sand ledges are a natural phenomenon associated with certain wave conditions. If we had not carried out the reprofiling last time, then we may have seen some flooding or a potential undermining risk of the sea wall developing. The previous exercise was a success but there is always the possibility that we would need to do this several times a year if weather conditions dictate it.

“We will  organise to reprofile the beach again and will liaise with the town council on timings.”