A new west Dorset volunteer is offering free one-to-one digital courses at his own café.

Digital sessions are being held on Monday and Tuesday afternoons at The Tangerine Café in Beaminster, which former finance director Chris Sims owns with his wife Sue.

Chris is one of 75 Dorset digital champions who support people to use the internet and gain basic online skills. These include, learning to use a device, setting up email, sharing photos, online safety, using search engines and apps, printing, online banking and more.

Chris said: “I can offer help to people of all abilities. There is no escaping digital so if you are nervous about joining the digital age and you have a problem, my aim is to help you get the best use of digital that you can. I also gain a lot of enjoyment from sorting out more complicated issues, working through solutions forensically.

“So many government and public services require you to have the skills to access essential services on the internet, such as NHS repeat prescriptions, booking appointments, Universal Credit, passports, UK citizenship or government pensions. With the closure of bank branches, it is becoming essential to be able to use online banking safely and securely and I can help with that.

“Digital can also bring joy, for example by bringing friends and family together. Skype makes it easier to stay in touch with loved ones as if they were there beside you.”

To book a session with Chris or another digital champion, call 01305 221048.