It supports numerous charities, has a rich history of produce and flower shows, once had a class for the fattest dog and is now celebrating 90 years.

The Uplyme and Lyme Regis Horticultural Show has put on hundreds of shows throughout its years, handed out thousands of prizes and trophies and showcased the best in home grown produce, flowers, handicrafts and more.

It was founded in 1929 for the gardeners of the local big houses, such as Rhode Hill, to exhibit the produce from the estates.

The earliest summer show schedule is from 1931 when Alban J Woodroffe, owner of Rhode Hill and founder of Woodroffe School in 1932, was president of the society. At that time prizes were worth two or three weeks’ wages for the gardeners.

Frank Hutchings was also a founding member of the society, with cups still bearing his and the Woodroffe name.

The Talbot Arms advertised in the 1931 programme and still advertises today. Other earlier advertisers were Palmers Brewery and Sansom Fishmongers of Axminster.

School children were challenged to exhibit the largest collection of queen wasps, while skittle players could win a pig - a prize that lasted until 1962.

The show changed location over the years. It started at Cooks Mead, moved to the football field in Venlake Lane in 1938 and by 1952 had moved to its current location of the King George V Playing Fields.

In 1951, there was both an annual show in the village hall and a separate flower and vegetable show in the Woodmead Halls.

Over the years the show has featured attractions such as a motorcycle rodeo and a dog show with a class for the fattest dog in 1960.

In notes made by Mr Tasker around 1974 on ‘The Horticultural Society in Retrospect’, he wrote that in 1929, Mr Francillon of Harcombe House, and the Rev J. H. Scott, rector of Uplyme, decided that the village organisations required attention. A public meeting was called, and the horticultural society was formed.

The president elected was Mr Woodroffe who had been the president of the Lyme Regis and Uplyme Flower Show, which was formed in the early 1900s. Mr Tasker notes that this show has remained more or less dormant since the First World War.

All the village organisations suffered in the Second World War and, after hostilities ceased, Mr Telling of Elton in Uplyme, called another public meeting at which volunteers were found to re-organise all these flagging activities, including the horticultural society, which started up again in 1945 with Mrs Alice Cartwright of Woodhouse as president. She generally encouraged the formation of the various classes.

Owing to the growing entry, it was found necessary to introduce the rule that entries had to be received two days before the show.

Today, the summer show continues to be a main focus of activity for the society, taking place each year on the King George V Playing Fields in Uplyme. In the past there have been additional shows - the Rose and Sweet Pea Show, which morphed into the autumn show in the 1980s, and the Spring Flower Show.

Over recent years, the society’s programme of talks and trips have expanded and the schedule for 2020 has been released.

It includes outings to RHS Flower Show Cardiff, Exbury Gardens and RHS Rosemoor, as well as talks on ‘The Gardens of Piet Oudolf’, ‘Star Plats for Small Gardens’, ‘Revive your Garden’ and lots more.

More details on the schedule of events and how to become a member can be found at

The horticultural society also holds an annual spring plant sale, supports the RNLI Lifeboat Week and holds occasional socials and one-off events.

It has also supported numerous local charities, groups and events, such as the 1st Lym Valley Scouts, Lyme Regis Christmas Tree GFestival, Lyme Regis May Fete, Uplyme Cricket Club, the Royal British Legion, Uplyme Village Fete and many more.