A community bus service is under review as not enough people are using it.

Bridport Town Council's Service 7 is said to be 'highly valued' by those who do use it but is 'never near' full.

Town councillors were told at a full council meeting on Tuesday that the service would have to be looked at again to see what, if any, improvements or alternatives can be made.

Service 7, currently operated by First Wessex on behalf of the town council under a pilot scheme, was launched in August 2018 and it has been stressed ever since it is a ‘use it or lose it’ service.

The town council has tried different methods to encourage its success, revising the route and timetable at the beginning of this year to break the previous circular journey into three smaller sections and removing a trip to and from West Bay as demand was being met by the X53. The bus also redirected to Bridport Community Hospital.

Councillors voted to waive fares last December to entice people into use the bus.

Despite this, the council was told the service isn't attracting as many people as it was hoped - though the number is improving gradually.

The service, which currently visits Bradpole, Bothenhampton and Allington, has seen 3,800 passenger since it launched; 78 per cent of whom were bus pass users. It's taken £1,500 in that time.

Councillors were told that there are some limitations to the service in its current form, for example, it can't reach hilly locations and First cannot provide a smaller bus. It is also unable to take donations, something which councillors have previously suggested could come from those with bus passes.

It will now be reviewed to see whether it should stay as it is, change to another provider or whether a taxi alternative should be considered.

Bob Driscoll, chairman of WATAG (West Dorset Western Area Transport Action Group), attended the meeting as a member of the public and said those who use the Service 7 'very much appreciate it.'

He also raised concerns about tweaking the route, saying commuters are looking for consistency.

"Changes could have an adverse effect," he said.