Cider drinkers have had their say and their favourite pint has been announced.

The Stable Cider of the Year Awards, now in its second year, received more than 15,000 from customers at the Bridport-born restaurant chain.

Crafty Nectar, which was also established in Bridport, came out on top with its rhubarb no.8 cider, beating nine other shortlisted ciders from 250.

The general public were asked to vote on their favourite throughout the summer.

Ed Calvert, CEO of Crafty Nectar, said: “We’re so happy to have won, especially as we were up against some of the best cider makers in the UK - more than 15,000 people tasted, compared and Crafty Nectar no.8 came out on top.

“Our winning cider Crafty Nectar no.8 is made with a base of the finest west country apples and then blended with fresh Yorkshire rhubarb juice. We wanted to make a fruit cider that used quality real ingredients as opposed to the sugary, artificial ciders that are currently on the market.

Ross Duncan, head of cider at the Stable restaurants, said: “The engagement this year from our customers was fantastic, it just proves that cider is on the rise and more people are open to trying new and exciting ciders.

“At the Stable we are proud to host an award over the summer that allows the consumer to vote and decide who wins. Congratulations Crafty Nectar.”