Eight proposals of how to use the £15,000 donated by a film company have been put forward to the town council.

Fossil Films donated the sum after shooting Ammonite, a film based on the life of Mary Anning, in the Lyme Regis earlier this year, which starred Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan.

This required the used of Lyme Regis Town Council owned Bell Cliff and the company made the donation of £15,000 to the council as a thank you for using the area.

In July, councillors agreed to invite community groups to submit an expression of interest for the filming money.

Requests have come in from Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support, B Sharp, Lyme Regis Gig Club, Lyme Regis Musical Theatre, Mary Anning Rocks, Mary Anning Scholarship Legacy Fund, the town Mill trust and Woodroffe School PTFA.

Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support would use the money to hire or purchase a beach hut that can be used by anyone affected by cancer, as well as through the year to show what the group does, such as awareness days and skin clinics.

B Sharp would like to put the money towards a large-scale project to create a ‘town song book’ and eight large banners illustrating aspects of Lyme Regis that can also be used by the community. The song book will be a series of songs around local stories, which could be sung in schools and by local choirs.

Lyme Regis Gig Club would like the £15,000 to commission the build of a new fibreglass gig, called ‘Ammonite’, for its junior rowing programme with Woodroffe School.

Lyme Regis Musical Theatre is asking for £4,000 for a folding stage and Mary Anning Rocks would like £5,0000 to put towards the campaign to have a statue of the famous palaeontologist in the town.

There is also a proposal of a Mary Anning Scholarship Fund to support female students going into education in earth sciences of STEM subjects.

Lyme Regis Town Mill proposed to use the £15,000 to create a ‘Grain to Loaf’ multi-sensory exhibition, as well as restore a model of the town mill and the Woodroffe School PTFA would put it towards an all-weather canopy.

The requests were due to be discussed at last week’s Lyme Regis Town Council strategy and finance committee, but it has been deferred and will be considered at an additional strategy and finance committee meeting on December 17.