A WEST Dorset charity is aiming to bring music to more young people with a new fundraising campaign.

B Sharp, a Lyme Regis based music charity, is looking to raise £6,000 over the space of just one month to help bring music making to more young people in the area.

The charity is running a Crowdfunder campaign to help run more music sessions across the county. It aims to target the sessions especially at children and young people who are facing challenges including mental health issues.

The money would also help with growing the number of young people in leadership roles within the charity, which would help them develop skills for their future.

B Sharp also wants to make sure that financial hardship is no barrier, and accordingly intends offer bursaries for young people to take part.

B Sharp Chief Executive and Artistic Director Ruth Cohen said: "We all know that it can be tough for young people growing up in rural areas. Many report feeling isolated and think a lack of confidence will stop them achieving career goals.

"Music is vital to young people, and research consistently shows that taking part in music making improves young people’s life chances. However, young people’s access to music making is reducing—they have less opportunities for involvement within education, and fewer are learning instruments outside of school.

"Without B Sharp sessions and work with partners, many young people in the area would not have the opportunity to explore music with their peers at all.

"B Sharp is a small and highly respected charity, but it runs on a shoe-string.

"We need the support of Dorset communities to bring these transformative experiences to more young people across Dorset. Any pledge, however small will really help us reach our target."

B Sharp was founded back in 2007 by Fran Williams. More than a decade later, it continues to run a programme of music training for children and young people throughout the area.

To find the full detail's about B Sharp's fundraiser, visit crowdfunder.co.uk/bsharpmusic