Video of anti-social behaviour and crimes may eventually be able to be uploaded by Dorset Police.

The force is currently taking dash-cam images of driving incidents and using them to prosecute offending drivers.

Now the chief constable is considering extending uploaded video for other offences as well, according to the county’s police and crime commissioner, Martyn Underhill.

He says that there are problems with extending Operation Snap, as it is known, to offences other than driving, but said serious consideration was being given to the idea and it may, eventually, be introduced.

Dorchester Cllr David Taylor said he welcomed the scheme after that morning witnessing a driver knock down a man crossing the road in Trinity Street for no other reason than he appeared to be in the driver’s way. He said he daily saw incidents of drivers using mobile phones at the wheel, especially around the town’s main roundabout at the top of High West Street.

Mr Underhill said many changes in driving law needed to be considered and was critical of existing laws where, he said, it was illegal to talk on a phone at the wheel – but not to send a What’s App message.

“There’s a lot more which needs to be done,” he said.

He said he also supported what is known as ‘graduated driver learning’ where new drivers are only allowed to progress to situations such as motorway driving after gaining experience.